ORDER DEADLINE: December 4th, 2021Only for a limited time only!!  All Shirts will be Red.  Proceeds go to a Fundraiser for a Nay Ah Shing School student as a special project.“Boozhoo niij-anishinaabedog Theresa nindizhinikaaz Ziigaanikwaadookwe Nindigoo Ojibwemong Awaasisi niin nindoodem Misi-Zagaa'iganing Nindoonjibaa Wiidoo nindanokii.Hello my fellow Anishinaabes. My name is Theresa. I am called Ziigaanikwaadookwe in Ojibwe, my clan is Bullhead, I come from Mille Lacs and I work with Wiidoo. I created a fundraiser (with the help of my alc teacher) in honor of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Native American Heritage month. We are selling T-shirts that I designed and the money raised will go to Wewin and to Minnesota Indigenous Women's Resource Center. Our women are sacred people. They deserve more recognition. Over 6,000 women went missing through the years. Our missing women, children, and teens had homes; they had siblings; and, they all had parents they never get to see again. It's like no one cares 'til it's too late. The t-shirt I designed and created is to spread awareness and honor our indigenous women who didn't make it back home. I want our survivors to know that they are not alone and I want our women to be more aware of their surroundings. Our Women don't deserve to go missing and never be seen again. Hopefully it spreads awareness to this important issue.If you have questions or would like to donate, please contact my teacher (Paula Hoffman at phoffman@naspg.k12.mn.us) or message us through Facebook at “Oshki Maajitaadaa”.  Shirts will be made and available for pickup or shipped.  For Pickup Contact: Paula HoffmanOshki - MaajitaadaaNay Ah Shing SchoolsAlternative Learning Program phoffman@nas.k12.mn.us (320) 532 - 4695 ext. 2265


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